All I Want To Do Is ...

Get a simple answer and get the TECH outta here!™

{Non-Geek} Consultation

You want or need to buy a phone, tablet, computer, camera, but your adult kids don’t have time, and your grandkids don’t have patience.

Or, you’re a small business and you need help developing a website and a website strategy. Whether you’re setting up a new websiteredesigning an old website, or you’re trying to figure out how social media marketing fits into your business strategy, we’re here for you.

{Non-Geek} Classes

Now that you have your phone, tablet, computer, camera, you’re frustrated because you don’t know how to use it. Well, if you can understand that “thingy” can be your tablet, and “boom-boom” means push the button twice – our classes are for you! (Yeah, that’s a coffee cup. We like coffee.)

You just need it explained to you like a 2 year old ... without being treated like one!

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